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Bike to Work Event

The Middlesex3 TMA hosted our first ever Bike to Work events this year. With four of our member companies participating we had a total of 42 riders who biked more than 780 round trip miles. May was National Bike Month and with the warmer weather many of the riders were inspired to try out their ride to work on a bike for the first time. Riders were met as they arrived by TMA Staff who had some healthy snacks and water along with a biker's gift pack. The TMA produced a Bike Safety brochure that's now available on the website ( Members also have access to where they can find the best route bike to work and see if anyone else is going their way.

Middlesex3 TMA Bikers had an average trip length of almost 10 miles and together saved 77 gallons of fuel from being used and more than 1550 pounds of CO2 from being released.

Participants were also invited to join The MassCommute Bike Challenge. This is an annual event held in coordination with Bay State Bike Week that promotes cycling as a healthy, inexpensive, and eco-friendly transportation choice. Riders log all of the miles they ride throughout the week and enjoy some friendly competition between local businesses, universities and communities ( Riders participating in the challenge logged over 150,000 miles this year.

The TMA plans to make Bike to Work an annual event. For more information email

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